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Love to program on mobile its quite easy and simple if you know little stuff of html,javascript.

if you are good in JavaScript then there you might be popular or million-er just tie your thoughts 

to your design  and publish to web 🙂 Who know your solution might be the smart among the world. Then start…

Oh..! Whats Lacking is it a question can we do with html and js hmm… Perfect its right.

In order to achieve this you need to ++ of them. ++ mean the base is the same but just same additions.

Now ? What are they .

To design mobile application you need to know HTML++ i.e HTML5

Its just modification to existing html tags and quite easy to learn..

if you modify your tags according to html5 standards then you app is ready on desktop | Mobile | Tablet.

But are you fine with the content then how about the controls rendered on mobile do they need to optimized as per the mobile right ? and we need to interactions to them as well.

Yes, This can be achieved easily using JQueryMobile a perfect combination of Mobile Interface,Components,Controls and Interactions..

Learning JQM is quite easy just don’t explore the world and mess your self.

Just explore the below url.














Hi All,

Well its been a long time that i had written this app. But couldnt able to upload it 😦

App DEscription :

The coding is done in a very basic level so that all beginners can easily get through it.

This is the same Letters App which is built using the Flex,Just the Technology varys here i have replaced Flex with Jquery Mobile.

Following things can be covered from this Post.

1) Preparing Dynamic List by Loadin the XML.
2) Navigation to Various Screens.
3) Multiple Page Navigations.
4) Loading Data Dynamically.
5) Displaying Data in Lists.

Click on Home.html for viewing this App.

Please use Mozilla For viewing this App.



Hi All,

I know well its how difficult to play with JQuery mobile and generate the Dynamic Lists.

I had made it feasible withe below snippet of code.

function init()
type: “GET”,
url: “BirthdayInvitations.xml”,
dataType: “xml”,
success: function ParseXml(xml)
//var $ul = $(#
//var $ul = $(“

    “).data(“role”, “listview”);
    $(xml).find(“event”).each(function() {

  • ‘ +this.textContent + ‘
  • ‘);


    If any queries do post your comments.