Hi All,

Key points to consider while developing Mobile Apps.

Performance Metrics
Types of Execution Time
Startup/Validation time
Frames persec(higher number fps higher performance)
Swf Size

  • Bitmap images are very lightweight components.
  • Spark image is very heavy weight components as its validation phase is long.
  • Bitmap images are the best choice to use in item renderers and its really useful.
  • While displaying a static images during loading then use sparkimage.
  • When there is no chnage of asset/image in the application use cache mecansim using contentcache
  • [Ex:-app logo]
  • .pngs are the best choice of picture formats using in the mobile aplication.
  • Instead of loading images from size of 10 to 20 progrmaticallly use 2 diff images
  • Use styleabletext/Label in renderer for best performance.
  • Use cache as bitmap very carefully(static content)i.e images that doesnt change frequently.
  • Use groups.But dont use hgroups/vgroups use absolute/constraints.
  • Use IconItem renderer/label render for mobile Apps.
  • Use groups for layouts components instead of containers.